At the beginning of our way

The Association has been launched...

The Association has been launched…

We are at the beginning of our way, the Associtation being founded this year’s (2015) Fall. We started the Arad Free Tours project in 2013, and seeing that the idea was so welcomed by the citizens of Arad and tourists at the same time, but also seeing that the tourism field continues to be left behind in our city, we decided to enlarge the horizon we work in.

That’s how the Alternative Tourism Association, a non-political association with a general interest, independent and young people-aimed was founded. We are willing to conceive, realize, promote and develop formal and non-formal education projects, studies, researches and opinion polls in the tourism field, and especially in the alternative tourism field. Also, we have the objective to make projects with other associations, have delegations and programmes in collaboration with them, as well as with universities, colleges, schools, school inspectorates, cultural institutions, and other governmental or non-governmental organizations.

One of our largest – in scale –  goal is offering scholarships for young people with potential and facilitate their access to study programs – whether formal or nonformal , in Romania and abroad and facilitating traveling for people with disabilities.

We really hope that you’ll join us in this journey, just like you did in the one we made (and still do) with Arad Free Tours 🙂

Written by Eugen Rogojan and translated by Georgia Țidorescu

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  1. Ora Exacta says:

    Uitandu-ma pe netul din Romania iata ca am gasit pe saitul
    dvs.. Nu ma pot abtine sa nu zic ca sunt placut surprins de calitatea informatiilor de pe aceasta
    pagina si va urez cat mai mult succes!

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